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EM Acoustics compact audio system transforms Shoreditch Town Hall

Duncan Proctor 23 November 2015
Shoreditch ASSEMBLY_HALL_EM Acoustics

Shoreditch Town Hall, a Grade II listed building, has been converted into a performing arts venue following the installation of an EM Acoustics audio system and the reinstallation of the balcony seating in the main Assembly Hall.

The Town Hall’s head of production, Ian Moore, turned to Stage Electrics for the sound and lighting system. Stage Electric’s Paul Roughton explained: “We were essentially starting with a blank piece of paper as there was nothing in the room at all!” recalled Roughton. “I recommended EM Acoustics immediately as I know their products to be of extremely high quality and very good value for money. We organised a demo for Ian and his team who were delighted with what they saw and heard, so EM’s Ed Kinsella and I set about specifying the system.”

The system that was ultimately installed comprised 18 HALO-C compact line array elements split into L/C/R. The centre cluster of six HALO-Cs was flown with the left and right sides each ground-stacked on top of an EMS-118 subwoofer. Three EMS-61s act as front fills across the front of the stage whilst the balcony is covered by eight EMS-81X cabinets. The installation is completed by four of the recently launched M-C12 stage monitors and the whole system is driven by four, also newly-launched, EM Acoustics DQ20 amplifiers fitted with Dante networking cards. Shoreditch Town Hall is the first customer to benefit from the new networked amplifiers.

“It’s an excellent system that has already proved itself on our first shows,” remarked Moore. “It ticks all the boxes for us. Acoustically the Assembly Hall used to be a tricky space because there is a lot of beautiful, but highly reflective marble. However, we have received excellent feedback from our first few shows and I am very happy with the sound quality we achieved.”

“As well as the obvious criteria concerning sound quality, the system also needed to be flexible,” continued Moore. “In other words it had to be able to handle anything from music to theatre to comedy and more besides. The beauty of this system is its small profile and that it is very simple to put together, which means we can have it broken down and set up again in a different configuration in a different part of the building, or even several parts of the building in no time. It has opened up the possibilities of what we are able to offer to the public enormously.”

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