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Electrosonic co-founder examines Future Trends for high-res displays

Paddy Baker 31 January 2012

The InfoComm Future Trends Summit – the conference which examines the key business and technology changes set to shape the pro-AV sector over the next few years – kicked off yesterday with a far-reaching presentation by industry guru and Electrosonic co-founder Robert Simpson about developments in high-resolution display technology.   After scene-setting remarks on resolution, Simpson went on to discuss NHK Super HiVision – a project that may prove to have a significant impact on the development of faster, high-resolution displays.   Competing technologies in the reader market and the current shape of the OLED sector also received Simpson’s expert consideration, prior to a concluding section about new display possibilities arising from current technological developments.   Combining old (phospor) and new (UV laser) technologies, Laser Phosphor Display is “now maturing and developing a track record,” remarked Simpson. High-resolution tiled projection displays are also continuing to gain ground, while low-resolution OLED displays may be suitable for large area displays if certain conditions can be satisfied.

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