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Election underway for PLASA-ESTA boards

David Davies 11 October 2010
Election underway for PLASA-ESTA boards

As the UK and US trade associations approach the completion of their merger, elections are taking place to determine who will sit on various representative boards.

The month-long ballot – which commenced on 1 October – is available to more than 1,000 companies and individuals, and will result in the election of people to sit on the North American and European Regional Boards, as well as the over-arching Governing Body.

These current events pre-empt the New Year merger date when the associations formally unite under the PLASA name.

For PLASA, one of the major developments to come out of the merger is the move to a more representative Governance system. The new 12-member Regional Boards, it claims, will better mirror the diversity of regions, market sectors, business types and technologies across the PLASA membership.

Ahead of the merger, current Board Members of both ESTA and PLASA with terms still to serve have been incorporated into the NA and EU Regional Board structures, while the entire memberships of both associations have been transferred into the new two-tier membership system so they can vote for a candidate from their own sector.

As a consequence, the two Regional Boards will have representatives from the following groups of members – Dealer/Retailers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Production Services, Professional Services and Rental Companies – together with a representative from both the Organisational and Individual memberships.

The Governing Body is a new concept for PLASA and is designed to ensure continuity of decision-making and strategic consistency. The chair, vice-chair and treasurer from the European and North American Regional Boards automatically take six of the nine places on the Governing Body, while the remaining three ‘at large’ positions will be determined by the October elections.

PLASA CEO Matthew Griffiths and ESTA executive director Lori Rubinstein (pictured) are encouraging all members of their organisations to participate in the vote. “It is the Members’ Association and participation in these current elections [that] will help bring the new PLASA community together with a deeper sense of ownership.”

The results will be announced in early November, ahead of the Boards taking effect in the New Year.

Image: Chris Toulmin

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