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ELAN unveils g! system training school

David Davies 15 December 2010
ELAN unveils g! system training school

ELAN Home Systems has announced the introduction of an online training school for its g! Home Control System.

The new ELAN g! School is now open at the company’s online university, ELAN U. Currently offering 64 g! courses that can be completed in as little as six hours, in addition to nearly 300 ELAN and Sunfire courses, ELAN U provides one year of unlimited access to installation and software set-up courses for only $125. Moreover, the online university is free to those users who attend a face-to-face training session.
The ELAN g! School features an online software simulator where users can practice setting up ELAN’s g! software before ever touching a physical unit. 

The School will expand to feature up to 150 unique courses by the end of 2011.

Meanwhile, Paul Starkey, president of ELAN Home Systems, told IE Residential about the reaction to the launch of the new g! home automation system: “To say that our dealers are positively giddy with anticipation would be an understatement. They stare in awe at our new touch screens and home controllers. Then when they see g! in action, they love the fact that the new panel is amazingly fast and the resolution is great. They love the fact that they can get live video on the new TS7 screen and feel it will be a very strong selling feature with their customers. And the new home controller is nothing short of a smash hit! Dealers see how it simplifies their installation and the on-screen interface and two streaming outputs for music really resonate with them. Dealers understand that ELAN g! is the next generation of home automation that sets the standard for others to follow.”

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