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ELAN expands controller range with two new models

David Davies 20 May 2011
ELAN expands controller range with two new models

The HC4 and HC8 products “round out the family of g! controllers, integrating the best in control systems and entertainment,” said ELAN business development manager Joe Lautner.

The HC4 and HC8 system controllers are the latest additions to the ELAN range of on-wall, can-mount and rack-mount controllers, and feature integrated serial ports, IR ports, relays, sense inputs and audio outputs.

Supporting all g! applications and interfaces, and incorporating the latest Version 5.2 g! software, the new ELAN HC4 and HC8 controllers are designed for both residential and commercial installation environments where control and security are high priorities.

Now available in 4, 6, 8, and 12 port models, the ELAN HC system controllers are part of the well-established ELAN g! Series entertainment and control system.

“The HC4 and HC8 are the wall and structured wire can-mounted solutions for a dealer’s g! installations,” said Lautner. “The new controllers are built for easy installation in the ELAN Structured Wire cans. The HC4 is a 4 port compact controller with onboard streaming audio capability, video out for an On-Screen-Display, IR, relays, and sense inputs. The HC4 is perfect for smaller systems with the power to expand. The HC8 is a full-featured controller with 8 serial ports, 2 streams of digital audio and includes IR, relays and sense inputs. The HC8 includes a 500 GB hard drive to store security video, music, and photos. The HC8 and HC4 are ideal for non-rack mount applications in the home, vacation property or business. The HC4 is also a great base station for the new HR2 remote to create the most powerful remote solution available.”

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