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Elac expands its subwoofer portfolio

Paddy Baker 31 January 2012

The new entry-level Sub 2030 by Elac uses BASH technology and has the option of wireless activation.

The Sub 2030 is the first subwoofer that the Kiel developers have used BASH technology on, which is said to combine the high efficiency of digital amplifiers with the sound advantages of analogue amplifiers; and provides 300W continuous undistorted output.

The 250mm long-stroke woofer transmits all frequencies between 20Hz and 180Hz; and volume level, crossover frequency and phase can all be set individually. Its power consumption in standby mode is below 1W.

Elac will soon release a compact transmitter that connects to the subwoofer unit to achieve wireless signal transmissions, which the manufacturer believes will appeal to music fans who want to upgrade their hi-fi or home cinema setups with a separate active woofer.

Stand: 7Q200

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