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eInstruction releases Insight 360

Jo Ruddock 21 February 2012
eInstruction releases Insight 360

Released at the BETT Show 2012, Insight 360 is designed to enable teachers to switch seamlessly between instructing students and assessing their understanding. 

Its CueTags functionality allows teachers to insert interactive questions into any kind of digital material, including PowerPoint documents, PDFs or even web pages. Students respond using the new Spark 360 and Pulse 360 handheld response units, and their answers can be instantly collated and measured. Reports can be displayed on the Mobi 360 mobile whiteboard or an iPad running the Mobi 360 app, allowing teachers to decide whether it is necessary to adjust the lesson. These two tools also enable teachers to move around the classroom and interact more closely with individuals or small groups.

As an added feature, screenshots can be saved throughout the lesson and shared later with students or parents.  

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