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Earthquake Sound Corp sends in the SWAT team

test 12 March 2010

SWAT 2.4 is a wireless audio transceiver that allows users to play audio from source to almost any speaker. Incorporating a transmitter and receiver, SWAT 2.4 offers 20 channels – more, says Earthquake, than any other wireless transceiver to date. The manufacturer also says that there is only a “one in 20 million” chance that the pairing channel will interfere with a different signal.

A conventional stereo, MP3 player and computer are among the music sources that can be used with SWAT 2.4, which also enables voice transmission. Billed as being “perfect” for parties and entertaining, the system enables multiple receivers to be connected wirelessly to one transmitter if there is a desire to play music in different areas or on multiple systems.

The specification includes a frequency range of 2400-2528MHz, 20 channels and two types of inputs supporting microphones and stereo.

Joseph J Sahyoun, CEO and president of Earthquake Sound Corporation, told IE Residential: “The SWAT 2.4 is the perfect solution for European houses and buildings that typically have older or historic frames made of concrete or wood. Instead of hassling with retrofitting your audio wires, the SWAT 2.4 wirelessly hooks up your home theatre, outdoor area or second zone stereo system. The SWAT produces crystal-clear sound fit for the most sophisticated of home audio systems and is ideal for custom installers.”

The SWAT 2.4 system is priced at $349 for the receiver only or 200 euros for the pair.

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