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Dynamax digital signage brings the outdoors inside at Rohan

Paddy Baker 31 August 2012
Dynamax digital signage brings the outdoors inside at Rohan

British clothing brand Rohan is using Dynamax’s digitalsignage.NET to run digital displays in three of its UK stores to strengthen its brand and educate customers about its products.

The system, installed in the Salisbuary, Guildford and Bristol branches, was designed to complement shop assistants in the highly consultative sale of Rohan clothing and present the company’s 40 year long history. The company had an original approach to in-store marketing, displaying lifestyle videos along with product demonstrations in a successful attempt to immerse customers in the brand’s world and put their products in context.

The displays show videos shot in various places around the world where Rohan clothing is worn, complementing the static signage already in place. The system also educate those customers who are initially reluctant to interact with staff when they enter the shop.

Rohan’s chairman, Colin Fisher, said: ‘’We make gear that protects people in the world’s wildest places, its technical benefits being rather hidden than overt. So we decided to use digital signage to explain these technical features in a visual way. I wanted something that brought the product to life and there’s nothing that beats digital signage for this. digitalsignage.NET made the content distribution into the shops seamless, delivering a quality output that involves a simple operation.’’

Content is managed centrally at Rohan HQ, while shopfloor staff are involved in the choice of files that are published within their stores. Peter Smith, infrastructure manager at Rohan, commented on the system: ‘If you’re looking for a system that could be deployed quickly using existing infrastructure without a considerable capital expenditure on service, this solution has proved very good.’’

Dynamax’s software runs 19in LG displays powered by IAdea’s XMP-330 SMIL devices.

Howard Smith, director and founder of Dynamax, said: ‘’We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Rohan and show our software’s ability to meet the complex needs of retailers as well as to reinforce the high potential of digital signage in this environment.’’

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