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Dynalite’s London project benefits from TV exposure

test 15 January 2007

When working on a project in East London which featured on Channel 4 Television’s ‘Property Ladder’ programme, property developer and holistic designer Claire Harrigan wanted to create a residential interior that was easily changed to suit the occupant’s mood.

Challenged to find a simple way to control the lighting in the living space, Morban Intelligent Living implemented an impressive array of different LED fittings, all controlled by a Dynalite lighting control system.

Environmentally conscious Claire felt that the energy efficient and long lasting LED fittings provided purer and cleaner light than conventional halogens and through the use of dimming and RGB (Red/Green/Blue) colour changes powered by the Dynalite system, she could create the lighting effects she desired. Claire is also concerned by what she calls ‘Electromagnetic Pollution’ which is generated from all mains wiring and the negative effects this has on us. The low voltage LEDs and Dynalite control network, all installed with shielded cable, provided an excellent replacement for a conventional scheme, thus alleviating the effects significantly.

The downstairs living space of the East London property features dimmable pure white LED spotlights and RGB LED Strips at ceiling height and ground level providing a wash of colour on the pure white walls; all of which are controlled directly from the Dynalite system. The LED spotlights are dimmed via 1-10V signals from the Dynalite DDBC1200 controller whereas the colour change LEDs are driven directly from a Dynalite DDLEDC605 LED controller.

A single Dynalite Revolution Panel with a White Glass finish provides a simple, sleek and contemporary user interface for individually selecting up to 144 different colour combinations by scrolling through the 12 different predetermined colours using a pair of buttons on the panel; one for the high level LEDs and one for the low level. Also available from the panel are a number of static and dynamic preset scenes.

In the same way as the downstairs, the master bedroom shows off more colour change LED lighting to set various scenes and highlight certain architectural features of the room.

Throughout the rest of the house, Morban has integrated the lighting system with the security system via a single RS232 connection using the Dynalite DNG232 Network Gateway. When the house is occupied, the security sensors enable automated lighting control in the entrance hall and pathway lighting throughout the communal areas at night. When unoccupied, the same sensors monitor movement and entry points and in the event of an intruder alarm, the security system alerts the owner by telephone at the same time as flashing all of the lights.

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