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Dynacord solution for another Dubai club

David Davies 13 July 2011
Dynacord solution for another Dubai club

The Amika – the Dubai-situated ‘sister experience’ of the identically-named club in London’s High Street Kensington – has been installed with Dynacord audio equipment by CEG Technologies.

The result of a two-month research period to identify the most appropriate sound system was a Dynacord VariLine solution including 19 VL-262s, four Sub 18s and three Sub 115s.

“We were acutely aware of the extremely high hurdle we had to clear if the Dubai club was to live up to the very high reputation of its sister club in London,” recalled Chant Utukian, CEG Technologies’ Project Manager. “The directors of the Amika were adamant that the standards set by the London club should be maintained in every respect.”

Local support (from Dynacord’s Dubai bureau), access to after-sales service (from Dynacord partner AVL Electronics) and high audio quality were among the factors that prompted the installation of a Dynacord system. The brand, said Utukian, “enjoys a reputation nowhere short of outstanding within the industry.”

The finished installation has met with the satisfaction of the venue operators. “After the very first soundcheck,” noted Utukian, “their spontaneous reaction was to congratulate the entire CEG team on their choice of loudspeakers and to promise that for all their future projects, Dynacord would be the proverbial ‘first name on the team sheet’.”

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