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Dynacord, Electro-Voice solution for Hallescher FC stadium

David Davies 19 December 2011
Dynacord, Electro-Voice solution for Hallescher FC stadium

Completed in September, the 15,000-plus capacity Erdgas Sportpark provides a home for Hallescher FC – one of the most successful clubs in Germany’s Regional League North.

To provide high quality sound, the city of Halle commissioned construction firm GP Papenburg AG, which enlisted the assistance of ssm euromicron GmbH (Schkopau branch). Led by Hans-Dieter Lemke, a team from subcontracting company Studio Elektroakustik GmbH of Leipzig devised and installed a system that features 28 EVF-1152S/99-PIB loudspeakers systems from Electro-Voice to cover the grandstands, as well as five more for the playing area.

“In the course of the practical trials, the EVF systems completely convinced me with the transparency of their reproduction,” said Lemke.”The sound quality is really high and in terms of intelligibility the speech reproduction is simply excellent!”

In the VIP areas, too, SEA Leipzig relied on loudspeakers from Electro-Voice, namely six EVID 4.2s and two EVID 6.2s. The system is driven by five Dynacord DSA 8805 power amplifiers: four for the stadium sound reinforcement and one for the VIP areas. A P64 digital audio matrix manager from Dynacord provides overall control, while a CMS 1600 mixer has also been specified.

As is usually the case with modern stadium installations, the sound reinforcement system in Halle has been connected to the evacuation system.

Reflecting on the first match to make use of the new system, Lemke noted that the spectators had been “unanimous in the view that the announcements and commentary were easily intelligible and that the music reproduction was powerful and of a very high quality. Overall, the opening match was a triumphant success to which the quality of the sound reinforcement contributed considerably.”

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