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Dynacord array systems equip multifunctional cultural centre

Duncan Proctor 29 June 2015
Dynacord array systems equip multifunctional cultural centre

The Cultural Center of Sokolow Podlaski, Poland has been equipped with five Dynacord sound reinforcement systems by Tommex Zebrowscy, as part of a recently completed renovation of the venue. The systems in the auditorium, hall and gallery can be used independently or together, depending on the event.

The team at Tommex Zebrowscy, an official partner of Dynacord, decided on a Dynacord Vertical Array system. “The speakers provide high intelligibility and homogenous sound. Due to their vertically arrayed woofer elements, we also have very good control over the speakers’ dispersion pattern. And thanks to dedicated FIR filters (finite impulse response filters), we were able to improve the audio experience even further,” commented Piotr Wosiek, head of Tommex’s office in Olsztyn.


The installation features two TS 400 speakers suspended on each side of the stage, two TS 100 as front fills and two TS 200 as balcony fills. To support the main sound system in the low frequency range, two Dynacord PSE 215 subwoofers were built into the stage. The system is powered by four Dynacord LX2200 amps, and two Dynacord DSP 600 controllers ensure supervision and control of the system via IRIS-Net software.

For live music performances, the venue also has a mobile concert sound system at its disposal, a Dynacord Cobra-4 system consisting of Cobra-4-Tops, two Cobra-4-Fars and eight Sub 28s – all powered by three LX 2200 and four LX 3000 amps. For signal processing, there are two Dynacord DSP 600 controllers, which are equipped with FIR filters with individual settings. “Sokolow Podlaski’s Cultural Center wanted a mobile system that could meet multiple needs,” explained Wosiek. While this system will be used mainly for open-air concerts, it will occasionally be added to the auditorium’s system if higher SPLs are required.

For smaller events with audiences of a hundred or less, the organisers can also employ a compact yet powerful Dynacord VA 312-100 system with two Dynacord TS 100 speakers and a Dynacord PowerSub 312.

As part of the modernisation, the main hall and gallery were equipped with a sound system consisting of six white Dynacord D 11A speakers and a Dynacord CMS 600-3 mixer.

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