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dnp Supernova features in Danish academy install

Duncan Proctor 27 January 2015
dnp Supernova features in Danish academy install

Danish AV specialist FMJ has created a visual display based around a large dnp Supernova Infinity projection screen for the Midtvest Academy in Denmark. The installation is part of the academy’s ‘Playground’ project, which aims to promote innovative thinking in common areas where students socialise between classes.

Henriette Slebsager, rector of the academy, commented: “Innovation is not a course you can simply follow in school. It is a mind-set… a way of thinking. And we believe that AV and interior design are important tools for bringing this idea to life.”

FMJ’s solution is based on a massive 4.8m x 3m (223in) dnp display, consisting of a 2 x 2 Supernova Infinity screen on a special mount. Projecting onto it is a Panasonic PT-DW830 1-chip DLP projector.

Knowing that the system would be used for presentations and lectures in the main hall, as well as between classes, the vibrant display presents images and footage that support the room’s lighting and colours.

Peter Møller Johansen of FMJ said: “The choice of screen was a no-brainer. We knew from the beginning that we needed optical Supernova Screens for this project — not just because they can be used in bright ambient light, but also because of their superior price-performance ratio.

“As the gable wall consists of windows, the big challenge was to create a lift system that could lower the screen to obtain better viewing angles during presentations. At the same time the installation had to be mounted on the wall with a 100% relief in the supporting structure.”

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