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Bank installs 135in dnp rearpro solution

Paddy Baker 3 September 2015

An advanced dnp optical rear projection screen is the centrepiece of the new AV system in the boardroom of  India’s National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) in Mumbai.

To ensure it was investing in the most appropriate AV technologies for its new state-of-the-art boardroom, NABARD consulted its architect and consultant, Sandeep Govalkar. He, in turn, invited several system integrators to present the latest and best technologies.

M/s Cosmos Business Machines, dnp denmark’s local partner, won the pitch after a convincing live demonstration of a 135in dnp Giant Wide Angle optical rear projection screen. Both the size and visual acuity impressed the client, and in consultation with Dharma Teja of DistroTech, the decision was made to adopt this rear projection solution.

Pankaj Patil, senior manager at Cosmos, explains the reasons for choosing dnp: “Firstly, the quality is equivalent to that of an LCD panel but with no bezel. Secondly, dnp gives real value for money, taking into account cost, performance and maintenance.” Other competing solutions seemed to be cutting edge, but were ruled out because of high costs and problematic maintenance, he said.

With its clarity and brightness, the maintenance-free dnp screen emerged as the option that would deliver the best value and lowest total cost of ownership for NABARD.

In combination with a Panasonic DZ 680 projector, fitted with an ET-DLE080 lens, the dnp screen is now in full use for videoconferences and presentations in the NABARD boardroom. “It delivers superb clarity and picture reproduction, even with high ambient light,” says Sunil Mohana Krishnan, assistant general manager at NABARD’s, department of premises, security & procurement.

After the successful installation, Dharma Teja concluded: “This installation project confirms that rear projection is still highly competitive on quality as well as cost. It stole the show in an open tender against many competing technologies.”

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