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dnp approaches its Zenith

Andy Stout 6 February 2011
dnp approaches its Zenith

Announced in November but making its first public appearance at ISE was the new Zenith rear projection screen from dnp. Available in sizes from 100in to 200i, it has a 180° horizontal viewing angle and uses optical technology rather than the diffusion approach widely favoured by other screen manufacturers.

“As projectors deliver increasing brightness at a reasonable cost, it’s important that we develop new products that reflect what’s going on,” said dnp product manager Erik Zastrow. “The important thing now is to address contrast ratio and uniformity – and that’s what the new Zenith screen does.” He went on to explain how screen design is a series of trade-offs between brightness, contrast ratio and uniformity – and that contrast ratio is probably the most significant contributor to perceived image quality.

“We no longer need the very high gain that used to be necessary when projectors were less bright,” he said, “and that allows us to improve contrast performance and image uniformity.”

Gain is 2.2 compared with the 5.0-7.0 gain screens of a few years ago, while contrast ratio performance is improved by around 25%. Uniformity is improved which, according to dnp, eliminates the distracting hot spots often observed with today’s high-lumens projectors. The screen also features more tint and an anti-glare surface that minimises reflected ambient light.

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