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dnp 120in projection screens used for India’s Mars Orbiter Mission

Duncan Proctor 12 December 2014
dnp 120in projection screens used for India's Mars Orbiter Mission

dnp 120in New Wide Angle (NWA) rear projection screens have been used in the control rooms of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission.

In September 2014, almost a year after leaving Earth, the Mars Orbiter reached its destination. The entire journey was managed from two control rooms featuring the huge displays upon which every viewer in the room could watch video and data.

Working for Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Mumbai-based Kiran Infosystems designed the mission-critical AV system. Kiran’s Ashish Shah pointed out that the brightly lit control room had a specific area allocated to projection.

“Our objective was a hotspot-free rear projection system that would work 24/7 for years. We also had to overcome challenges such as air-conditioning ducts passing through below the rear projection structure.”

The system employs projection design projectors and 96% reflective mirrors housed in cradles in a structure fabricated by rp Visual Solutions. Grouting provides protection from minor tremors and earthquakes. An RGB Spectrum MediaWall controller delivers inputs from the workstations via a switcher, sending images to the dnp screens, which are mounted high on the wall in a 1 x 6 configuration.

Ashish Shah finished: “As technology changes, we look forward to providing the most up-to-date projection systems for ISRO.”

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