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DMi unveils new integrated CI home control system

test 7 August 2009

The launch of Escient Zone is accompanied by a programme of product support and training for DMi-appointed installers. The new system complements the latest Ethernet and WiFi network-enabled AV source and control components from D&M’s Denon, Marantz and Escient brands.

As a result, says the manufacturer, its appointed CI professionals have the opportunity to provide in-house automation systems that “seamlessly” incorporate components from the aforementioned brands.

According to DMi, the system is positioned at a lower price point than current market-leading systems, and thereby enables CI dealers and custom installers to expand their target market for integrated home automation.

DMi brand director Bert Kiggen commented: “We are extremely excited about the launch of Zone enabling DMi to offer end-to-end integration solutions for the CI channel, but also about the level of performance, features and price advantage offered by Zone in comparison with established competitive systems. Critically, Zone is a standards-based, future-proof system, equally suited for both new build and retrofit projects.”

For more product and system information, consult the new dedicated website (first link below).

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