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DK appoints AVW for Australia

Andy Stout 25 October 2010
DK appoints AVW for Australia

DK-Technologies has appointed AVW as its dealer in Australia, extending a fruitful relationship across the Tasman Sea that already encompassed New Zealand.

Established in 1983, AVW has its head office in Auckland, New Zealand but also operates a regional sales and support office in Sydney, Australia. The company acts as a one stop shop for everything needed in the audio, video, broadcast and production business areas, and, according to MD, Murray Hunt (pictured), is going to work hard to get DK products in front of the installation market.

“AVW is undertaking an extensive road show in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Auckland and Wellington where it will showcase the solutions available for professional monitoring and measurement. In particular we will be providing demonstrations and training on how the DK- Technologies PT0760M with its PT0700 remote is ideal for installation applications,” he said.

“The addition of the DK-Technologies product line to the Australian offices provides a greater level of business that enables increased stock holdings of new and demonstration / training equipment as well as spare parts,” he continued.

Richard Kelley, sales and marketing director for DK-Technologies, added: “With the consolidation of our distribution into a single company for New Zealand and Australia we believe our market presence will be higher and access for customers in that region will be easier. We are delighted with AVW who have purchased demonstration kit and who will be promoting the products heavily into the territory. We hope they will increase sales significantly, particularly with the advent of loudness regulations in the audio domain as we are one of very few manufacturers who have implemented the EBU and ITU standards into the one device.”

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