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Distribution partnership for Powersoft in Germany

David Davies 9 August 2011
Distribution partnership for Powersoft in Germany

In a move that reflects increasing demand for Powersoft products, the company has announced details of a new partnership for the German market between Laauser & Vohl – Powersoft’s distributor for the last few years – and TRIUS.

The new partnership sees the two companies collaborating on Powersoft support and sales.

“Our cooperation with TRIUS is one more big step towards strengthening Powersoft’s position in Germany,” said Friedemann Wüstner, sales director at Laauser & Vohl. “In addition to Powersoft’s global cooperations, such as with EAW, and the ones we established with TW Audio and Barth Acoustic, here is another good fit.”

Luca Giorgi, who heads up Powersoft’s audio business,commented: “This cooperation will see us getting both wider and deeper into the market. With the synergies on hand, more customers in all segments will be benefitting from our achievements.”

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