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Displax announces Windows 8 driver for its Skin Multitouch

James McGrath 10 December 2012
Displax announces Windows 8 driver for its Skin Multitouch

A Windows 8 driver to support the Displax Skin Multitouch product line has been announced by Displax. Large format displays that use Displax Skin Multitouch (typically between 30in and 100in) can now be upgraded to use the latest version of Windows 8.

“The edge swipe required to reveal the charms and app bars fundamentally changes all the assumptions made on touch hardware,” said Steve Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live divisions. “Traditionally, the edges of the screen are where touch sensitivity drops off, and it’s a place that hardware manufacturers have traditionally not placed much emphasis on. The centre of the screen received all the innovation, while the edges have suffered. If you have seen or experienced the Windows 8 user experience, the edge swipe is a critical part of using Windows.”

“Large format displays can run Windows 8 if using Displax Skin Multitouch, because our touch sensor allows a totally flat surface and has a uniform touch detection across the entire screen, enabling edge swipe and thus answering Microsoft’s concerns regarding hardware,” said Miguel Fonseca, chief business officer of Displax.

“This is what we are used in our smartphones and tablets but in large format displays most hardware requires a frame for optical cameras or IR sensors to work, so the surface is not flat. That is the reason for Sinofsky’s concerns, because Microsoft wants to guarantee that the user has a good and consistent experience across different devices and screen sizes and that depends on the hardware. Displax Skin Multitouch makes that experience possible in large screens.”

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