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DiSCO focuses on the shop floor

Paddy Baker 30 January 2012
DiSCO focuses on the shop floor

Digital signage has “huge potential” to help ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers compete with e-tailers like Amazon and Asos by allowing them to better reflect the new ways in which consumers are shopping, according to Florian Rotberg of Invidis Consulting.
  This morning, Rotberg delivered the keynote address at this year’s DiSCO conference. He pointed out that digital signage can allow shoppers to serve themselves, give them access to products that are not on the shelves and enable them to easily obtain detailed product information – all characteristics of the online shopping experience.
  Later in his address, Rotberg described a project on which his company was working with the world’s largest duty free store. The store is turning over some $1.5 billion each year – and research has uncovered the fact that 50% of purchases are made on impulse. Digital signage provides a means for guiding those impulses, Rotberg suggested.
This year’s DiSCO conference – the fourth – focused on the retail opportunity, rather than on the broader DooH market it has previously covered. Oliver Schwede, Rotberg’s colleague, noted the technologies that are expected to transform the digital signage market in the coming years, including HTML5, Android and e-paper.  
The day’s agenda saw presentations on the use of gesture control and interactivity; on enabling small retailers to compete with “the merchants of cool”; on the opportunity to augment video with audio; and the retail innovations that are possible with digital signage.

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