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Digital signage system for Cyprus airport

Jo Ruddock 11 August 2010

In order to modernise  and accommodate an increased number of passengers, as well as to adapt to new security requirements, a new airport was constructed and commissioned in Larnaca, Cyprus in November 2009.

Minicom Digital Signage & Cypriot digital signage company Gnosysoft, were responsible for Larnaca International Airport’s digital signage network installation. The pair were tasked with designing and managing the installation, as well as operating and maintaining the digital signage systems of over 350 displays.

Gnosysoft understood the manufacturer’s need to lower the risk of display downtime and conceived a configuration test at its facilities to validate the quality of the broadcast according to the required distances, and to allow for optimised created content. A mock-up was assembled at the company’s facilities to test the integration of the single displays.

Minicom Digital Signage transmission units – DS Vision 3000 – were chosen for the project, and the network was successfully running within seven months.

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