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Digital signage from Smart Media On Demand

Andrew Brister 2 November 2011
Digital signage from Smart Media On Demand

Smart Media on Demand is the latest entrant to the digital signage sector. The company offers cloud-based digital signage solutions as well as private server options.

Smart Media On Demand is a privately-held company based near St Albans, Hertfordshire. Its founders specialise in the installation of data and media solutions as well as “on demand” cloud-based business services.

The company’s mission is: “to empower companies and organisations with cutting-edge digital signage and kiosk technology that’s affordable and customisable. We are committed to helping our customers with their narrowcasting needs. We strive to make our service fast, reliable, secure and easy-to-use.”

smod™Cloud is a cloud-based digital signage solution.It is a subscription-based model that allows you unlimited licenses for £9.99 per player per month. Each player can be connected to one or more screens. All media files (videos, animations etc) are stored on Smart’s servers and stream down to each remote player. The media files are locally cached on the remote player so they do not depend on a constant internet connection.

smod™Server is a privately-hosted server solution. The server software and hardware are purchased and owned by you. All the licenses for the players are also owned and managed by you. With the smod™Server you do not pay a subscription fee; however there is an optional updates and support package.

smod™Player software will run on almost any computer or smod™Station is a small, plug and play media player that comes pre loaded with smod™Player and has been optimised for digital signage and Kiosk support.

The smod™Studio is where users can build, configure, control and maintain the complete digital signage platform.

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