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Denon adds to its theory of Evolution

test 20 August 2009

The manufacturer has added a new integrated amplifier and compact disc player to its Advanced Evolution Stereo series, reports David Davies. The new models in question are the mid-range PMA-710AE integrated amplifier and DCD-710AE compact disc player (pictured), both of which are said to benefit from “an extensive European sound tuning” as well as “Denon-unique” technologies both established and brand new.

The PMA-710AE integrated stereo amplifier is equipped with a HC (High-Current) Single Push-Pull Circuit that is said to deliver delicate musical details, which are backed up by plenty of power. Faithful reproduction of the original recording is also made possible by a circuit board layout that can handle greater power from the amplifier section and appropriately

respond to the output level and unique character of the signal. In addition, the internal construction of the PMA-710AE has been carefully designed to prevent unwanted vibration adversely affecting the audio signal.


The DCD-710AE CD player incorporates a host of proprietary Denon audio technology and includes a USB port for digital input from an iPod or USB memory stick. The new disc compact player incorporates Denon’s AL24 Processing analogue waveform recreation technology, “highly accurate” D/A converters and DAC master clock design.

The PMA-710AE and DCD-710AE are available now in premium silver and black colour at a suggested retail price of £349.99 for each component.

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