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Defence role for Symetrix Jupiter

David Davies 21 June 2011
Defence role for Symetrix Jupiter

Symetrix Jupiter 8 processing technology has been specified as part of an installation at the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

The facility – which is home to the country’s Ministry of Defence as well as the upper tier of the military’s three branches – was recently the subject of an installation by Thai AV systems contractor Fuzion Far East. The company was enlisted to improve the sound quality in the building’s function room.

The design specified by Fuzion Far East director Siri Wongkamolchun features equipment from brands including NEXO, Quest and Symetrix. Various NEXO speakers – including four PS8s, one PS8TD-V3 and two LS400s – have been installed in the ceiling, while two Quest QM12MP stage monitors provide fold-back. Three Quest QA3004 two-channel amplifiers supply power.

The Symetrix Jupiter 8 provides eight inputs and eight outputs. The unit accepts all function room input sources – which include existing microphones, a DVD player and a dedicated notebook computer – to deliver EQ, limiting, mixing and feedback suppression using the Gain-sharing Automixer 1 app.

“We were excited to try the new Jupiter product because it uses context-specific apps, like on a smartphone, to minimise set-up time,” said Wongkamolchun. "It was so easy to program and
worked perfectly from the very beginning. We are excited to use Jupiter products in other installations.”

Users control the system with a wireless touchscreen panel, model VITY VIMATY70ZR. They select which input sources are active and their volumes via the Jupiter 8. Users also control lighting presets using a SUNLITE interface that is controlled from the same wireless touchscreen panel. Finally, the unit also controls an NEC NP3150 projector and a locally-made RAZR screen.

Six Coemar Ribala500 halogen lights (for stage illumination) were also fitted during a project that Wongkamolchun describes as “very successful. The AV system is professional and functional, and pressing the room into service for lectures and meetings has been transparent and straightforward for the Ministry of Defence.”

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