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Danley specified for Spodek Arena

David Davies 18 July 2011
Danley specified for Spodek Arena

A new sound system featuring equipment from Danley Sound Labs has been installed at a visually-arresting venue in Katowice, Poland.

Translated literally as ‘Saucer’, the iconic Spodek arena’s resemblance to a tilted UFO in flight is much commented-upon.

Following on from the use of Danley Sound Labs Genesis Horns during the 2009 EuroBasket championship, the stadium owners opted to invest in a permanent Danley system.

In the main arena, 12 Danley Jericho Horns (JH-90) and two Danley Genesis Horns (GH-60) comprise the principal loudspeaker system. Each one of the self-powered Horns is separately controlled and voiced. Low-end reinforcement comes from two Danley TH-215 and six Danley TH-118 subwoofers.

Coverage in the adjacent Ice Arena is supplied by 16 Danley SH-50 full-range loudspeakers. Four additional SH-50s with mobile hardware provide Spodek’s AV technicians with the ability to cover events that don’t conform to the standard set-up.

Meanwhile, the large outdoor screen at the complex is covered by eight Danley SM-60s. In addition, eight Danley SH-100s serve as mobile stage monitors, while 130 Yorkville C130 100-volt speakers cover hallways, bathrooms and similar areas.

Eight Lake ML26 processors in a centrally-located control room provide all of the system’s input and output conditioning.

The new audio system at Spodek was designed by Piotr Pronko, who is head of Natural Sound Service and Danley Sound Mission Europe. Trias integrated and installed the A/V system, including the design of a 100-square meter screen outside and another 90-square meter wrapped screen inside the arena.

Acclaimed acoustic Doug Jones flew in from the US to undertake measurements on the new audio installation.

“Spodek wanted a sound system with impact, and they got it,” remarked Jones. “Even at top concert volume, you get the sense that there is still tons of headroom. Nothing’s working hard – not the amps and not the Danley Horns – so you still have that comfortable sound that other systems only display when they are very quiet. The Danley installation at Spodek is truly remarkable.”

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