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Da-lite offers fingertip format switching

test 16 June 2009

Da-Lite has introduced the Dual Format Imager masking system, a new addition to its line-up of home theatre projection screen options.

In a response to the demand for ever larger projection screens, the Dual Format Imager allows for up to 220in of diagonal viewing area. It gives the user fingertip control between formats: either the Cinemascope and HDTV, HDTV and NTSC Video formats.


The Dual Format Imager masking system fits Da-Lite’s fixed frame projection screens that are available in 13 fabric choices and include both front and rear screen projection fabrics. It comes with standard electric operation and wall mounted switch or optional remote control, as well as Da-Lite’s proprietary Stay-Flat masking system.


"Today’s home theatre owners want bigger projection screens for the ultimate in-home experience," said Wendy Long, Da-Lite’s vice president of marketing. "The Dual Format Imager is designed to compliment Da-Lite’s line of fixed frame screens, including Cinema Contour, Da-Snap and Imager."

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