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Cytech retro-upgrades Comfort

test 11 June 2009

Cytech Europe has introduced two upgrade packages for its Comfort Intelligent Home System for installations using the original Comfort I system introduced in the UK in 1999. Comfort I was replaced in 2005 by Comfort II.The upgrade delivers a number of new functions found in the Comfort II system. This includes a ‘flashable’ CPU with upgradable firmware using UCM05 and Comfigurator. More sophisticated programming, with if/then/else conditional statements is possible with the Comfigurator 3 software.

Sunrise/sunset times and automatic daylight saving time changes can be based on city or latitude/longitude coordinates. The real-time clock is said to be accurate, typically to a single minute a month. There are also 32 time programs, 16 reminder messages, 64 timers and 600 alarm events in the event Log of Ultra II.

There is also built-in battery protection if battery voltage drops during extended power failure and two-way intercom between keypads and door stations, phone and keypad or door station. There is also increased support for a wider range of external interfaces.

“We hope that many of the thousands of Comfort I users will take the opportunity to upgrade to Comfort II and keep their systems current; this will allow us to provide better support,” said Cytech director L Y Chiu. “These new, very attractively-priced packages include the Comfort II PCB with a special mounting plate allowing it to mount on the Comfort 1 enclosure.”

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