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Cytech launches Comfort to KNX Bus brochure

test 28 April 2010

The new document addresses the integration of Cytech’s Comfort Integrated Security and Home Automation system with the KNX (KONNEX or EIB) bus. A KNX-compatible intruder alarm and telephone control via voice prompt in many languages are among the topics covered in the illustrated brochure, which explains the benefits of integrating the Comfort system with the KNX (KONNEX or EIB) bus by connecting directly to Comfort’s UCM/KNX interface.


Applying KNX to Comfort system integration projects as suggested by the brochure can also provide schedules for automatic controls with Sunrise/Sunset and automatic daylight-saving adjustments, access by Comfort webserver module, optional SMS control, and gateway access to other systems such as C-Bus and Z-wave. A variety of security conditions and events can be mapped to KNX group addresses, while KNX objects can be programmed to arm security to away/night/day/vacation modes, among many other possibilities.


LY Chiu, director and founder of Cytech Technology, told IE Residential: "Our new UCM/KNX [interface] makes Comfort an even more powerful proposition for KNX partners. Cytech decided to join the KNX Association as a manufacturer in order to show its support for the KNX standard for Homes and Buildings and to more effectively bring the attention of KNX Partners in 75 countries to the company’s unique offering of the most highly integrated KNX-enabled security system in the world."


The full colour brochure can be downloaded from the Cytech website (link below). (PDF Download)

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