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Cytech joins KNX Association, boosts Comfort interfacing

test 2 September 2009

The Comfort Intelligent Home System now has a new, “much more closely integrated” interface with KNX, writes David Davies. According to the system’s parent company, Cytech Technology, the Comfort UCM/KNX allows integrators working with the KNX home/building control standard to interface with Comfort without having to programme responses.

As a result, integrators can use KNX with Comfort without needing to have an in-depth knowledge of the system.

“Our new UCM/KNX should make Comfort an even more powerful proposition for KNX partners,” said Cytech Technology director/founder L Y Chiu (pictured).

The new launch coincides with Cytech joining the worldwide KNX Association – a move that brings the Comfort Intelligent Home System into even greater contact with the KNX-based integrator community. Other members of the KNX Association include Armour Home Electronics, beyerdynamic, Revox and Siemens.

Speaking to IE Residential, L Y Chiu commented: “Cytech decided to join the KNX Association as a manufacturer in order to show its support for the KNX standard for homes and buildings, and to more effectively bring the attention of KNX Partners in 75 countries to the company’s unique offering of a highly integrated KNX-enabled Security System. Cytech has just released a second-generation KNX interface to its Comfort integrated Security/Home Automation System.”

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