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Current Cost releases individual appliance energy monitors

David Davies 31 August 2011
Current Cost releases individual appliance energy monitors

The new IAMs (Individual Appliance Monitors) from Current Cost allow the electricity usage of specific appliances such as fridges and TVs to be monitored on-screen and online.

The result, says the company, is a variety of detailed information that helps householders to set about reducing energy wastage, cutting costs and lessening their environmental impact.

The IAM plug-in devices work in conjunction with Current Cost home energy monitors and enable users to track the cost of running any household appliance with a standard three-pin plug. Up to nine individual appliances can be monitored through a single display unit. The resulting data can then be viewed either on-screen or online via a PC, laptop or smart phone when using the Current Cost NetSmart device.

At present, the NetSmart connects to Current Cost monitors, allowing the whole-of-house energy data and temperature reading to be sent to an online dashboard. The manufacturer’s new NetSmart Pro will facilitate viewing not only of whole-of-house energy usage data, but of consumption in specific areas monitors by IAMs.

Current Cost managing director Martin Dix commented: “Like all our devices, the IAM has been designed to heighten user knowledge and can help them further understand how energy may be being wasted, even when appliances are not in use but left on standby.

“Our new NetSmart Pro device will make it possible to post individual appliance usage online, graph the usage and compare its efficiency with other household appliances. With the release of the Pro service it will also be possible for users to monitor their energy usage via our Facebook application. Consumers will be able to use the medium of Social Networking through Facebook to monitor and share their energy usage with friends and family while exchanging energy saving tips.”

Invited to contemplate developments in the European market, Current Cost’s Martin Dix told IE Residential: “Through our International Partner Programme, Current Cost has seen increasing sales throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The success of the Partner Programme has brought Current Cost’s innovative range of products to European utility companies, retailers and consumers, providing locally adapted monitors to help users identify energy usage and inspire behavioural changes.

“The Partner Programme continues to flourish and we have once again taken an active role in Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2011 as part of this strategy. Our main current objective is to continue to develop successful new relationships across Europe.”

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