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Cult product geared towards mass appeal

test 20 August 2009

Fasttel says that it has provided “a solution for all customer questions of the last 20 years” with its new Cult smart doorphone system. Housed in Pearl Blasted aluminium and incorporating black glass for the module and optional receiver, Cult can be used for applications requiring installation on the wall and in the wall. It can also be used in the office.

Among other functions, the versatile new system allows users to: receive door calls; capture images and speech recordings of these calls on the micro SD memory card; examine extra cameras on the memory card; and upload music so that it can be used as a portable MP3 player. The device also incorporates a “sophisticated telephone apparatus with all the possibilities of a smartphone GSM”, as well as a picture viewer and media player.

Available now, the Cult device can be upgraded via network connection or micro SD card.

Fasttel’s Filip Hoskens told IE Residential: “The Cult should become the all-in-one device for the better residential houses, free professions (doctors, lawyers…) and people who just like cool and nice things. [Because] it is a telephone and door entry video device, it records both conversations and video on the HD, as well as music and movies. [Also] it shows analogue as IP cameras and records them. No other device can do that.”

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