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Crete club gets Adamson sound makeover

Ian McMurray 23 July 2010

Banners outside the island of Crete’s Mylos club, a popular stop for both locals and the thousands of annual visitors to hear many of the world’s best-known DJs,  advertise ‘A New Sound Experience’ – and that’s what the club has just installed.

For the past 10 years, the club has used an ElectroVoice MT-2. However, it now has a system from Adamson which features eight SX18 (four clusters of two enclosures) as the main system. The SX18 comfortably covers the main area of the club (with a dispersion of 60° x 40° for each enclosure) featuring  an 18in Kevlar woofer, a single 10in mid-range driver and a 1.5in exit HF driver resulting in an SPL (with X-over preset) of 133dB. The Adamson T21 Sub provides all the necessary low-end for the area with its two 21in Kevlar drivers.

Four Adamson Point 8 speakers are used as under balcony fills, while, for monitoring in the DJ booth, an Adamson MH-121.5 is used right and left on stands. 

The main Mylos room possesses the sound that was expected from a high-performing Adamson system, but the pleasant surprise was the ‘Ellinadiko’ space, the smaller venue adjacent to the Mylos, which generally features traditional Greek music. The first Adamson M12s installed in a club environment are being used as ceiling speakers.  Their low profile with symmetrical dispersion (65°x65°) proved ideal for the tighter space, according to DNA, Adamson’s distributor in Greece who made the installation, while still providing solid SPL, clean & balanced sound with a great frequency response.

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