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Crestron’s DigitalMedia returns for third series

Jo Ruddock 11 February 2015
Crestron's DigitalMedia returns for third series

A decade ago, Crestron introduced its first DigitalMedia line. Now, its has moved on to its third series, with the new 4K DigitalMedia Presentation System (DMPS3-4K-150-C). This builds on an installed base of millions of HDMI and HDBaseT ports. Together with the new DMPS3-200-C and DMPS3-300-C, it represents DM 3.0.

The DMPS3-4K-150-C combines DigitalMedia technology with a built-in IP-based 3-Series Control System, 10×1 4K multimedia switcher, microphone mixer, and audio digital signal processing. Its built-in 4K scaler can transmit any resolution source to any resolution display, up to 4096×2160 at 60Hz.

Crestron believes the 1RU DMPS3-4K-150-C is ideal for classrooms, small and medium conference rooms, and huddle spaces. The turnkey system is built on the Crestron .AV Framework – simply connect the cables, select any sources and displays, and the system is up and running without custom programming. It can create an instant switching system by connecting up to four Crestron Connect It (TT-100) cable caddies. It has four HDMI and four VGA/analogue video inputs, four stereo analogue audio inputs, two DM or HDBaseT inputs, plus HDMI and DM or HDBaseT outputs.

Setting up display control should be easy. Using an iPad, computer, or pre-loaded touch screen (TSW-752-B-DMPS3_PAK), select the display and .AV Framework does the rest. It can control: any Crestron Connected display or projector via Ethernet; any flat panel with HDMI CEC; and many popular displays via RS-232. You can also set up volume control and choose icons and text labels for your sources.

It is simple to add wireless BYOD presentation capability by connecting Crestron’s AirMedia (AM-100) to the HDMI port.

The DMPS3-4K-150-C is a network-grade appliance, with high-speed Ethernet connectivity and enterprise-level security, and the .AV Framework enables it to directly communicate with Crestron Fusion software for centralised monitoring and control via IP.

Stand: 2-C24, 2-E24, 2-E36

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