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Crestron’s Adanto now shipping in Europe

test 31 October 2006

Crestron continues to expand its presence into new market sectors and price points, making the once control-focused manufacturer now seem like a ‘one-stop-shop’ for residential systems installers, says Margot Douaihy.


Adanto (originally branded Adagio) is Crestron’s latest system to debut – an expandable, plug-and-play solution offering whole-house audio distribution (including iPod integration), climate and HVAC control, home entertainment and a digital audio server.



Robin van Meeuwen of Crestron UK tells ‘Installation International’ that the Adanto is: "A great example of a mid-market introductory product. [It is] a combined, fully expandable, multi-room audio and control system – and is the first of its kind available. It gives dealers the opportunity to build a broad customer base, as after the initial installation they have a reason to call back clients and propose additional touchpanels, lighting and custom programming."



Crestron believes, like many professional installers, that the growth area of the custom install business is in the middle market. The company believes that Adanto represents a great chance for dealers to get a ‘foot in the door’ to reach potential customers in this middle market area, and to get back in front of their previous customers to make additional sales.



"Although, at first glance, the Adanto modules look like hi-fi separates, that is where the similarity ends," van Meeuwen adds. "In fact, the system combines outstanding performance with straight-from-the-box functionality, and as it is specifically targeted at first-time consumers in the world of multi-room audio and home entertainment, it is affordable and requires no programming – a great bonus for the installer."





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