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Crestron releases the MLX-3 remote for handheld home control

Andrew Brister 16 November 2011
Crestron releases the MLX-3 remote for handheld home control

Crestron has released the MLX-3 Handheld Wireless Remote, its newest long-range remote control for Crestron home automation systems. Sleek, lightweight and affordable, MLX-3 delivers extended range and faster performance than prior generation handhelds without the hassles of W-Fi.

MLX-3 offers simple and reliable push-button control of lights, thermostats, multiroom audio, home theatres, security systems and more, from anywhere in the home. Featuring a bright 2 in hi-resolution LCD colour display, comfortable feel, piano-black exterior finish and smooth, responsive push buttons, MLX-3 creates simple control of the entire home from an icon-based graphical display.

“With MLX-3 you can scroll through menus, browse entertainment content and adjust lights, temperatures and sound system volumes in any room, from wherever you are in your home,” says Robin van Meeuwen, VP of sales and marketing at Crestron International. “More importantly, you can control your whole home without worrying about the common hassles of Wi-Fi such as delays in button response and intermittent service interruptions. MLX-3 gives you a great user experience at a great price.”

Instant-Waking allows MLX-3 to work at the press of a button after being idle. No more waiting for a connection, a typical complaint with Wi-Fi remotes. Instant-Waking also puts MLX-3 into an energy-saving sleep mode after use, preserving battery life for an average of 4-6 months of typical usage. MLX-3 operates on four AA batteries so anyone can replace them quickly and easily.

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