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Crestron launches new home audio solution

test 13 October 2008

The Crestron iServer is billed as the first permanent iPod-based home audio solution, reports David Davies. Bridging the gap between basic docking and costly dedicated audio servers, iServer enables automatic updating of iTunes files without the need to undock the user’s iPod.


Once connected to a home computer network (LAN), the Crestron iServer automatically synchronises with the user’s iTunes Library whenever new content is added or playlists created.


With the capability to play all iPod content – including music, audio books and videos – the Crestron iServer provides USB communication over Ethernet. No third-party software, transmitters or encoders are required.


Arriving with a standard retail price of 1,335 euros, the unit also offers plug-and-play integration with Adagio systems and Crestron Home Cat5 Balanced AV connectivity.


Robin van Meeuwen, managing director of Crestron UK, told II: "We see our duty as a manufacturer is to make life easier for our integrators and this is one product our dealers have been crying out for. The iPod interface is one that consumers are happy and familiar with and now, thanks to the iServer, it can be a key part of an expandable Crestron home automation system. Once the iPod is in the iServer you do not have to remove it in order to synch it with iTunes; you do all that stuff via your Crestron touchpanel."


The subject of considerable industry excitement, the Crestron iServer has already been recognised with the CEDIA New Product Award and EH Product of the Year.


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