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Crestron launches AIR Landscape outdoor speakers

Paddy Baker 20 May 2015
Crestron AIR Landscape speakers

Crestron has launched its AIR Landscape Speakers (LS4T and LS6T) and In-ground Subwoofer (IGS82T) for outdoor installation. Aimed at hotel, theme park or residential applications, the speakers boast weatherised construction, versatile installation options, and selectable 8-ohm, 70V or 100V operation.

“These powerful speakers fill the outdoor space and surround you with audiophile sound as if you were indoors, and they blend in with the landscaping so you can’t tell where the music is coming from,” said Stijn Ooms, Crestron EMEA product manager. “The long stakes and optional tether ensure that the speakers stay exactly where you put them.”

The speakers are said to provide an extended frequency response matching any great indoor speaker. The new models feature a choice of 4in or 6.5in coaxial drivers with built-in 70/100V transformers. They can be attached to a post or wall, or staked directly into the ground using the 18in mounting stakes provided, which allow the speakers to be implanted into the ground safely and firmly.

The IGS82T subwoofer features dual 8in low-frequency drivers, 22-120Hz frequency range, 200W power handling, 8-ohm nominal impedance, and a built-in 70/100V transformer.

Finished in an attractive bronze texture, the speakers (which are sold in pairs, apart from the sub) are said to blend in with homeowners’ manicured landscapes – or can be hidden behind shrubbery.

AIR Landscape Speakers are available to order now.

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