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coolux technology brings historic mural to life

Paddy Baker 26 July 2010

coolux Pandoras Box Player Software was employed for a groundbreaking mural projection scheme at the Broemserhof in Ruedesheim, Germany. The innovative project revolves around the projection of a water colour painting by artist Mogens Francesco Hendrik Ballin of 15/16th century murals created by Hans Ritter.

Situated in the Broemserhof’s ancestral hall and chapel, the murals were painted in the complex secco style. Depicting Biblical scenes and a variety of genealogical motifs, the murals were heavily damaged during WWII, but thanks to the 19th century water colour rendition, Cologne University for Applied Sciences student Michaela Janke was able to advance the idea of projecting the images onto the affected spaces.

Linking with software and hardware company coolux GmbH and Burmester Event- und Medientechnik, Janke created a digital picture file that could be projected onto the uneven and contorted surfaces using coolux Pandoras Box Player Software. While a conventional slide projection would have resulted in distortion due to the curvature of the arches, the coolux Pandoras Box Warper projected a grid pattern onto the target area, which was recognised by the advanced software and allowed for the picture to be easily manipulated.

According to coolux, it took one of the company’s project manager, Patrick Verhey, less than an hour to adjust the digital picture to fit the shape of the damaged area of the murals perfectly.

Verhey told IE: "The coolux Pandoras Box product range is ideally suited for digital conservation work because it’s a reliable system that has been used successfully for spherical projections, architectural projections, etc, in the past. It just needed someone like Michaela Janke to come along and use it for conservation work."

A versatile software product, coolux Pandoras Box is regularly specified for a host of projection applications, encompassing operatic performances, rock concerts, plays, branded entertainment events and more.

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