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Complete QSC system for Dutch bar

Paddy Baker 14 July 2010

Dutch bar/restaurant operator Oubaha Beheer BV has selected a complete QSC system for its 600-capacity Aspen Valley Enschede music bar. The installation follows the successful adoption of a QSC solution at sister venue Aspen Valley Arnhem, although the latest project represents a step forward technologically with an extensive CobraNet implementation.

Aspen Valley Enschede now features a QSC specification based around a CobraNet backbone in all three nautical concept bars. The digital gain structure and routing matrix are contained in QSC’s BASIS 914lz and 904zz DSP processors, with the 14 DataPort outputs providing 28 channels, six of which stream 24-bit audio through CobraNet at 2.5ms latency. All the internal and external processing are contained in the BASIS DSPs.

The music is output to eight different stereo music zones, all managed from a QSC NAC 100 remote wall-mounted network audio controller situated behind the front bar. Music is relayed via 20 QSC ISIS 282H loudspeakers, powered by 10 QSC ISA 750 amplifiers, with six powered HPR181i subwoofers concentrated around the main floor. A pair of weather-resistant AD-S52s, powered by an ISA 280, provide the external sound, with the outdoor volume levels controlled from the NAC 100.

"Over the years I have used a lot of amplifiers from QSC, which are both affordable and reliable. But I must say I am also impressed with the output of the speakers. The single 8in AD-S82 is great, but when you are playing club music as we do here, you need the double 8in ISIS 282H, which sounds fantastic," said head of technology and maintenance Gerwin van den Brink.

Having originally been alerted to the scope of a comprehensive QSC solution by AED, van den Brink was supplied with the equipment by QSC dealer Fairlight.

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