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Competitively priced 3D from Optoma

Jo Ruddock 14 September 2011
Competitively priced 3D from Optoma

Full 3D 1080p on the big screen at a competitive price point is Optoma’s promise for its new HD33 DLP projector. The HD33 is suitable for use in a home cinema, although Optoma says that, at 1800 ANSI lumens, it is also bright enough to be used in ambient light conditions, watching live sports, for instance.

Justin Halls, head of product management at Optoma, said: “We at Optoma believe the new HD33 provides an impressive 1080p 3D movie and gaming experience that even the larger 3DTV screens just cannot compete with. The HD33 produces some of the highest-resolution 3D images available to the consumer. At such high resolution the human eye is just incapable of seeing all the details at 3m away on a small (50in) screen. Only the true large screen experience available with a 3D projector can produce a truly immersive experience. What’s more, using 3D DLP technology means that ‘ghosting’ is no longer an issue.” 

The HD33 features two HDMI inputs with v1.4a 3D support, as well as component, composite and SCART inputs. 

Among the projector’s on-board technologies is Optoma’s PureMotion4, the same frame-interpolation processing found on models twice the price. At its highest setting it is said to virtually eliminate motion blur, while at is lowest it maximises the detail in every frame. Alongside this, PureD technology optimises the projector configuration, brightness and image quality in both 2D and 3D modes.

Also designed with image quality in mid are the new Optoma 3D-RF glasses, which maximise brightness and contrast. These communicate by Wi-Fi (eliminating infra-red emitter placement issues) and contain a rechargeable battery. Resellers may supply the HD33 either with or without the glasses.

The HD33 comes with five-year colour-performance and image guarantees. 

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