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Competition ski-jumps installed with EV speakers, amps

David Davies 1 April 2011
Competition ski-jumps installed with EV speakers, amps

Several ski-jumps near to the National Arena in Holmenkollen, Oslo, were equipped with Electro-Voice loudspeakers and amplifiers ahead of the recent World Nordic Skiing Championships.

To help enhance spectators’ enjoyment of the competitions, Scandec Systemer AS was commissioned to install new sound reinforcement systems at the foot of both the large Holmenkollbakken ski-jump and its smaller companion, the Midtstubakken, as well as the Langrennsarenaen, from which the skiing events were observed.

During the planning stages, the company worked closely with Norwegian television broadcaster NRK to ensure that the new system would provide compelling sound reinforcement for speech, jingles and music, and that the loudspeakers would not obstruct lines of sight for the cameras.

In total, some 250 loudspeakers were distributed between the three competition venues. Among them were 56 ZX1i composite indoor/outdoor two-ways and weatherproof representatives of the EVF range in the shape of 51 EVF-PIB and the same number of EVF-1121S-PIB cabinets, each equipped with a 12-inch woofer.

The criteria determining the choice of speakers included frequency response, sound pressure levels, coverage patterns and robustness.

Electro-Voice power amplifiers – specifically, 34 CPS 8.5 devices – with a total output of 120,000 watts RMS were enlisted to drive the speakers. The system was controlled by 12 DSPs, while a fully digital and redundant solution for signal transmission was provided via Ethernet using the CobraNet protocol.

The installed loudspeakers can be turned on and off individually using touch screens, enabling the system to be adapted to future events.

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