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Community system for new multi-purpose arena

David Davies 15 February 2011
Community system for new multi-purpose arena

Norwegian Sørmarka Arena is a multi-use indoor facility with an ice rink for hockey, curling and figure skating, and a 400m speed skating track.

Located in Stavanger, the arena is owned by the municipalities of Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg, and has been built to enhance the facilities available in the region.

The main sound system and automation for the Sørmarka facility was designed and programmed by Norsk Lydteknikk AS, with installation by Profitek AS. Using a total of 95 Community R-Series loudspeakers, the arena is the largest indoor installation of Community in Norway to date and comprises 15 R2-94Z with TRC400 transformers, 14 R.5COAX99T, 52 R.5COAX66T and 14 R.5SUB-T.

Optimal placement of the loudspeakers within the roof structure was verified by Community’s TAG (Technical Audio Group) team using EASE acoustical modelling. The system is powered by 15 Australian Monitor 2600 and 2200 ‘Next Generation’ amplifiers, which together deliver 20,000W. Sound system control is via an Australian Monitor Revolution DSP mixer, with a Vity VIMATY 70S automation system providing the user interface.

“The Community loudspeakers were chosen for many reasons,” said Bjørn Fjeld of Norsk Lydteknikk AS. “Power, intelligibility and well defined coverage patterns were prime, but Community’s robust reliability and unbeatable all-weather capability were also major considerations.”

Rolf Nødland, project manager for Profitek AS, added: “I have delivered many sound systems in my time, but none with sound quality close to that provided at the Sørmarka Arena.”

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