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Community distributed system provides poolside audio at beach hotel

Duncan Proctor 23 October 2015
Community loudspeakers - Miami hotel

Opened earlier this year, 1 Hotel South Beach is an eco-friendly hotel featuring a Community distributed sound system for the rooftop pool and bar area designed and installed by AVLI of Miami. In the brief it was emphasised the system needed to minimise noise disturbances to nearby businesses while also providing high quality audio for its guests.

To meet this brief, AVLI chose Community W Series loudspeakers as they provide the required audio quality and can withstand the sun, wind and salt of the beachfront environment. The system includes 22 model W2-2W8 two-way loudspeakers and 12 W2-112 subwoofers. AVL chose white versions to blend with the hotel’s elegant décor.

AVLI’s James Reed explained: “The rooftop area is completely open so we placed loudspeakers every six to eight feet with a focus on areas where people gather. That allowed us to bump up the level to create an exciting atmosphere without disturbing the neighbourhood.” Twenty Lab.gruppen amplifiers power the system, which is controlled by a Biamp Tesira Forte DSP. The Tesira also provides head-end services including user interfaces at the bar and cabana and inputs for DJs and live bands which eliminate the need for portable equipment.

Community Professional loudspeakers

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