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Community announces loudspeaker layout software

David Davies 29 June 2011
Community announces loudspeaker layout software

FORECASTER HD Ceiling Distributed System Design Software from Community Pro is an intuitive, graphical engineering tool for calculating loudspeaker layout and density in ceiling distributed systems.

The software helps system designers to select the correct models and quantities of Community ceiling loudspeakers for a wide range of ceiling distributed applications based on user input of room dimensions and listening height. The programme is designed to compensate for sloped ceilings and seating areas, and individual loudspeakers can be moved to avoid physical barriers in a room. FORECASTER HD system designs can be saved, recalled and shared.

It is possible for users to quickly compare the results of using different loudspeaker models as well as different density and layout patterns, enabling them to achieve the required performance and coverage.

The software also provides high-resolution screen shots of loudspeaker system layouts, SPL mapping and dimensional information, which can be exported for client presentations or project team reference.

FORECASTER HD is available in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 versions, and may be downloaded free of charge from Community’s website (link below).

Dave Howden, Community Professional Loudspeakers’ director of technical services, commented: “With FORECASTER HD, our users can quickly determine the optimal models and placement for any ceiling distributed system requirements, thereby streamlining and simplifying their project planning.”

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