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COMM-TEC announces Weibel responsibilities

test 14 January 2010

COMM-TEC has assumed full worldwide responsibility for marketing, sales and after-sales relating to the Weibel Projector Lift. The new agreement between COMM-TEC and Weibel Lift took effect on 1 January.

Launched internationally in 2007, the Weibel Lift is centred around a patented spindle system that allows the lift to be built into a 150mm ceiling space.

Wolfgang Lenz, founder of COMM-TEC, commented: "The Weibel Precision Projector lift is said to be the best projector lift in the world from a precision and quality point of view. We have seen very strong sales results, even in the economic downturn. We believe we can take this product into new markets and speed up innovation as well."

Herman Holtus of Weibel Lift added: "COMM-TEC has been the best partner for us in the European market. It has proven very strong distribution and sales results in Europe. We feel that COMM-TEC can help Weibel Lift move forward faster on the innovation side as well as on the distribution side with its strong organisation based in Uhingen."

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