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College students benefit from AMX’s Vision

James McGrath 3 January 2013
College students benefit from AMX’s Vision

In order for West Cheshire College’s students to get the most out of their innovative and creative environment, a flexible and scalable video distribution system was a key consideration. Systems integrator CCOMM deployed AMX’s Vision technology in what is the biggest single deployment of Vision in the United Kingdom.

The integration of this sophisticated, fully-integrated video capture, management and broadcast system has given West Cheshire College the ability to meet virtually any video management and distribution need that its students may have, both now and in the future. Amongst its impressive capabilities, this innovative system allows administrators to record and store didactic demonstrations on a central server for future viewing, and to capture live lectures and distribute them to additional classrooms, between the Ellesmere Port and Chester campuses, or even directly to students PCs.

The system has been particularly invaluable in relation to the teaching of subjects such as construction and hairdressing, where demonstrations may be impossible to reverse or difficult to repeat without incurring extra teaching time, materials and considerable resource. Through the Vision system, West Cheshire College’s student population can easily visit and revisit these demonstrations for reinforcement, review or revision.

At the heart of West Cheshire College’s Vision system is the Vision Master which is a fully integrated content management engine that controls all aspects of the solution including content upload, capture, encoding, archiving, indexing, searching, scheduling, multi-casting and on-demand streaming of video content.

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