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Coemar lights Gigi D’Alessio concerts

Ian McMurray 17 March 2011
Coemar lights Gigi D’Alessio concerts

On two recent Friday evenings, Gigi D’Alessio’s concert came to Italy’s RAI1 TV – having previously featured at New York’s Radio City Music Hall – in a programme titled “Gigi, tu vuò fa l’americano” in  a tribute to the maestro Renato Carosone.

Riccardo Bocchini used Italian entertainment lighting company Coemar’s Infinity ACL S and Infinity Wash XL fixtures to produce a lighting backdrop that included 3D graphics within a huge wall of LEDs measuring 12 metres by 30 metres, bringing to mind the lights and sequins of the variety shows of the past.

D’Alessio sang duets with international stars such as Liza Minelli, Paul Anka, Anastacia, and many others.

Viewers had a perfect view of Coemar’s Infinity ACL S and Infinity Wash XL, chosen by Bocchini for their power and excellent light yield – features which, according to Coemar, are making them increasingly popular with the great stage designers in the field of entertainment. The Infinity ACL S, with its low weight and small dimensions, produces a light yield equivalent, says Coemar, to that of a 1200 watt projector – but consumes only 300 watts. The ACL S offers indexable rotating aerial effects and a light beam that can be varied from 1.7° to 6°.

The Infinity Wash XL (the forerunner of the Infinity range) was also, says Coemar, a great success thanks to its proportional zoom range (5°-84°), its high light intensity, and the rotating effects wheel).

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