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Coax cuts cable and hardware costs, says ZeeVee

Paddy Baker 4 February 2013
Coax cuts cable and hardware costs, says ZeeVee

Integrators can save money by using a single cable that most buildings already have installed: coax. ZeeVee can efficiently distribute 200+ channels of digital video, including digital signage, over coax instead of using a more complex network of Cat5 or Cat6 complete with matrix switcher.

“If you don’t have to run cable an integrator can make money on the hardware sales as well,” said ZeeVee senior VP Bob Michaels.

The ZeeVee system means no restrictions because of distance, and allows a TV to be used as a TV, without any other hardware at the television. An application like a Sports Bar, where there are 50 TVs, typically with a set-top box each offering 15 sports channels, can move to just 15 STBs in a back room and a couple of ZeeVee rack units.

ZeeVee has several new encoder/decoders and have reduced the amount of rack space significantly, packing eight channels into 1RU instead of one in 1RU.

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